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The Document Finder General.

My name is Ruth Shelley, I am a graduate historian with 8 years experience in document management, retrieval and organisation.  Where many see insurmountable chaos, I see the potential for order.  Even in the darkest storage cupboard, the light of organisation can illuminate whatever needs to be seen!

Since 2014, I have specialised in working with members of the legal profession to bring my particular expertise to document discovery, cataloguing and archiving.  In particular, I am very proud of the work I did as lead researcher in a sucessful multi-year case which required complex and wide-ranging research in both government and private archives.

Outside of work, I still take particular enjoyment in creating order out of disorder, through collecting and cataloguing antique sheet music.  You can be sure that the care I show my own archive is always reflected in the careful, organised methods I use in my work.

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